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*Note: All our mattresses are 2 meters long. In Singapore the standard mattress length is 1.9 meters. Check that your Divan fits!

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Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

All I can say is after getting used to a memory foam mattress, its rather difficult to go back. However, one of the known “issues” with these types of mattresses, they tend to be rather warm, especially in the summer months. I live in an area that routinely has temps over 100 nearly 24/7 during the summer, and as comfortable as the bed is, it also doubles as a kind of portable sauna. I have a King size and a Full memory mattress. I love them both. But not during the summer.

I am thrilled to report that the Serta mattress has introduced me to memory foam and spring combination that actually keeps you from overheating overnight. I couldn’t be more happy. I enjoy a good, soft bed, and this works great for that, too. For those looking for a firm mattress, you might want to look elsewhere. This one is really quite soft and envelopes you wonderfully–not like the original memory foam mattresses, but just know that its very comfortable. As I was getting ready to go to bed on my first night, I lay down and just expected the bed to begin to get warmer and warmer as the minutes passed. It never did. That doesn’t mean it stays uncomfortably chilly, not at all. It was just comfortable and never got too warm whatsoever. Its taken me years to find a mattress that I have liked as much as this one all around. At this point, the only thing that could make it better is if it were at least a Queen size, but I won’t complain.

For those of you looking for a great hybrid comfortable mattress that will keep you from having a fever, I say try it! You’ll be infinitely satisfied, I know I am.

Jeff Edwards

I usually never write reviews because I just don’t have time to bother with it, but I feel I must write one for this mattress!

I was extremely, I mean extremely skeptical about ordering this mattress because the company did not offer any kind of trial period, and I was afraid the warranty is a bunch of b.s….I almost refused the package when it was delivered, I was THAT scared to open it and try it! It’s a big expense, and I knew if I opened it, there would be no returning it…BUT my husband kept reassuring me it would at least be better than the mattress we had. So we opened it, it took just a few hours to expand, and…OMG we both slept like rocks that night, and every night since! It’s been a couple weeks now, and every night gets better…really! I no longer have hip or neck pain, and my husband no longer wakes up with a back ache! It was a miracle, instantly. Even when we have to get up to use the potty, we get back in bed and immediately go back to sleep…it’s never been this easy to go back to sleep before! We are both really amazed at this mattress. It feels like a ten thousand dollar mattress, no exaggeration.

I know everyone has different ideas about what makes a comfortable mattress, so I will tell you a little bit about my husband and I so it’ll make it easier for others to decide if it’ll work for them or not. He is a very large guy, 260 lbs, 6’1″ tall, very muscular, very little fat. I am 5’6″ tall, medium frame woman, athletic build. (Can’t reveal my weight lol, but I am a size 10 if that helps) My husband gets up at least two or three times most nights to pee, and now I don’t even feel him getting in and out of the bed! It’s wonderful cuz he is such a big guy and it used to violently rock me awake each time (in our other bed which was only a year old). We are both stomach sleepers, but I also like to sleep on my side. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to sleep on my stomach without the bed mashing my large breasts to death! Sleeping on my stomach used to cause back aches, but not on this Splendid Mattress. I’ve been able to sleep for hours on my stomach ever since we got our new mattress! Sometimes I don’t think I even move one time during the night, and I wake up feeling great and refreshed. So does my husband.

So far, it’s been a God-send. I’m hoping it stays this good for years to come! The quality of the mattress was very impressive when I first opened the box. Very nice cover! Looks like a ten thousand dollar mattress, too.


We LOVE this mattress. It is so comfortable. This is a thick, substantial mattress. You get the mattress only, which can be put on a platform frame or a boxspring and frame. We have it on a platform frame. You sink nicely into this mattress, but you don’t get lost in it. The cooling gel really works. I’ve used a pure memory foam mattress, and had problems with it being way too hot and trapping heat. The layer of cooling gel in this mattress really works, and we’ve had no problems with it being too hot. The only criticism we have, and it’s a small thing, is that I wish this mattress had handles on the sides to make moving easier. Amazon delivery is to the front door, so we had to move it upstairs. It would have been much easier with some handles, as our old mattress had. Really, though, that’s a small point. This is a great mattress. You won’t be disappointed in it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order mutiple mattresses?

Yes, orders of 2 qty or more will receive a 5% discount

What are your payment modes?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Unionpay, Cash or Cheque. 40% on confirmation and 60% before delivery

What is your delivery charges?

Delivery costs $100 per location. Lift level only, flight of stairs before reaching the lift or within the house costs additional. Please contact us for a quote

What is the lead time?

Upon confirmation of order, in-stock standard sized mattresses(Single, Queen & King) will be delivered within 2 business days. Else usually your mattress will take 6 weeks to customize